Experience the thrill at Dracula’s on the Gold Coast. Dare to enter the gates opposite Pacific Fair Shopping Centre for an evening of entertainment and delightful dining.

Sin & Tonic is the latest show theme and is ‘adult cabaret with a twist’. It is a breakaway from their usual glam shows and offers a darker dining experience with a variety of unexpected acts. The show is a mix of burlesque, comedy and novelty acts set to a list of punchy songs.

The extremely talented cast are always in character bringing the world inside Dracula’s castle to life. You can expect big hair, pale skin, dark nails and destructive dance routines.

Standard ticket prices start at $95 for cabaret seating on weeknights and go up to $105 on Friday and Saturday nights. Bookings are essential.

For an evening of entertainment that will send shivers down your spine, don’t miss out on Dracula’s; the Gold Coast’s most unique nightlife destination.


Free WiFi, Parking & Premium with every booking.